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Vilniaus tautodailininkės 2007 m. rugsėjo  21-23 d.  dalyvavo tarptautiniame Vilniaus miesto projekte ,,Menas netikėtose erdvėse.'' Kalvarijų turgavietėje dešimt mezgėjų mezgė ir demonstravo netradicinius kūrinius, kurių idėjos šiuolaikiškos ir praktiškos.

"Lithuania presents", 2008 May

Vilnius - European
CapitaI of CuIture 2009: "Culture live"

In the year 2009 Lithuania will celebrate a millennium sincefor the first time has been mentioned in written records - In the Quedlin-burg Annals (Germany) of the 11th century there is a short entry devoted to Lithuania. This is the first written document about Lithuania as about the existing country. Lithuania preparing for celebrating millennium of the name since 1998 aspired to a title of capital of the European culture. The decision of advice of European Union Nr.2005/815/EV, Vilnius has officially been awarded the status of Capital of the European Culture.

Vision of the program "Vilnius - European Capital of Culture 2009" is a capital of the Europe of the future. It is opened t people, culture, innovations, covering culture, art and public projects, action of the market and Communications. The purpose of the program is to induce the countries of the Europe and other parts of the countries to culture of dialogue and tolerance, to allocate Vilnius as one of the most modernized, dynamical cities in average and the East Europe. It is expected, that in current of 2009, Vilnius will be visited by many tourists and inhabitants of Lithuania.




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